5 Ways to Grow Your Email List


A great email list can be a goldmine. With email you can nurture leads, win over prospects and reinforce your brand with existing customers. Email marketing consistently has one of the highest ROIs of any marketing channel. It just works.

Email awesome ROI

However, if you’re just starting out then email marketing might not be an option. In this case building a high quality email list should be a top priority. Below are a few list building tactics that can help you create your own opt-in list as fast as possible.

Collect Subscribers in Facebook

There’s a couple ways to integrate an opt-in form into your Facebook business page. You can add a “signup” call-to-action button just below your hero image or you can add a “Subscribe” tab to the menu on the left.

Collect emails on Facebook

Collect emails on Facebook

Some email services such as Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign make it easy to add a new Subscribe tab to your Facebook Page. In just a few clicks you can connect your form to Facebook.

ActiveCampaign + Facebook

ActiveCampaign has easy Facebook integration

Your Facebook Page’s blue call-to-action button has multiple options to choose from so it depends on what your priorities are for your Page. If you’re looking for subscribers then you can choose the “Sign Up” option and then point it to a signup page on your website.

Email Opt-In Forms

Providing opt-in forms on your website makes it easy for visitors to sign up to receive your emails. You can have a lightbox form that pops up, a static form in your sidebar or footer, or an opt-in bar embedded across the width of your site.

Opt-In form bar

Opt-In form


There’s lots of plugins that can help you build your email list, but as a fan of Elegant Themes I like Bloom. It offers multiple form types and triggers, and tons of other features. It’s also compatible with many popular email providers such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign and more.

Other plugins include Thrive Leads, Optin Monster, and WP Subscribe



Promote Links to Opt-In Page

Once you have your opt-in form ready to go you should also create a separate page for your opt-in form with a clear call to action. Your email service should have an embed option for putting sign-up form on your website or you can use one of the third party options above.

Having a dedicated opt-in page makes it easier to point people to your subscription form. You can then include a link in your email signature or also connect your Facebook Page’s call-to-action button to point to your signup page.

Lead Magnets

Offer some premium content to entice visitors to give you their email address. Your content can be a PDF, a video, a course or any other format. A case study or brochure that addresses a key pain point of your target audience should be attractive enough to nudge them into giving you their email address.

lead magnet

Attract leads with great content

Once the visitor provides their email address that can trigger an automatic email with a link to download or view the content. It’s always a good idea to provide the link in your confirmation email. That way you can be sure that their email address is legitimate.

Advertising Your Lead Magnet

If you have a great lead magnet and the budget you should consider advertising it. You can boost it on Facebook or create a display campaign, but the idea is to get it out there as much as possible.

However, before starting any paid campaigns you should be aware of your conversion rate, customer acquisition and service costs to make sure advertising makes sense. You don’t want to start spending too much on customer acquisition or lose money with a customer once a sale has been made.

Advertising for Leads

Example of Pardot Advertising for Leads

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